Live Event Artist Services

Event Portraiture & Triptych.

What do you get hiring The Drop-in artist?

A very talented portraitist and live event artist who produces quick sketches portraying your guest in a unique and contemporary style with The Portraiture Experience or creating a "Story - Drawing" artwork that will capture the atmosphere of your special event.

Overall is art based entertainment that involves guests and provides personalised keepsakes. Perfect for corporate events, private functions, weddings, brand launches, and PR stunts.

The minimum hire is for 3 hours and I can be up to 8 hours. I am available for bookings in the  UK and worldwide. Prices start from £300

Let me

be your guest!



Promotional offer 

The art experience

Portraits at Events.


Your guests are so special they deserve to have their portrait done. Entertain your guests in an original way!

To offer your clients or guests a 5 to 7 minutes sketch portrait experience is to offer them something both unexpected and memorable.

Most people enter nervously and leave very happy after being drawn. "how strange it feels, it´s the first time I´ve ever had my portrait done.

The Ink on paper protraits are created in a sylish likeness. All the drawings are presented in cellophane bag and handed out to the guest on the night.


Commemorative paper exclusively designed for your wedding, brand o event.

Over 20 portraits can be done.

A5 Bristol paper.

Cellophane Bag 


The Story-Drawing

Collage Triptych Drawing.

Daniela aim to capture the moment and key people will be included in the Triptych collage. It is the perfect way to record the day and to express the intense emotion and atmosphere of the event in a single piece of art. 

This is a unique experience to surprise your loved one with; either from you or as a gift from family or friends.

Or why not do this artistic experience more cheeky in a hen party or stag do?

The Triptych has a calligraphic title in its front cover.

In its body, the protagonist of our story is previously painted at its center. The rest of the image will be created during the event to capture the moment as is unfolded.



Hand made 3 pages accordion sketchbook

Unique front + back cover design.

Hand calligraphy Headings ( with the name of the couple, date and venue).

The protagonist of our story is previously painted at the center of the open triptych.

The rest of the image will be created during the event to capture the moment as is unfolded.


Paper Size

21 X 62 cm. aprox


£ 600  + Travel Expenses


Throughout the whole celebration




A5 or A4 Paper Size

21 x 14 cm

Up to 20 portraits



£ 350 + Travel Expenses

4 hours apróx

(7 portraits per hour)



Note: You get to keep all the original artwork created during the day but the copyright is own by the artist. Licensing agreement can be arranged

If you would like to hire me for your special event please send me an email, and will check availability and quote.

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A wedding Story-Drawing.

Fede & Julia's cover and back-cover design for accordion sketchbook.