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The Drop-in Artist is available to create commemorative sketches and artwork at your wedding. Entertain and amaze guests with the Portraiture Experience, leaving them with a unique souvenir of the day. Or have The Story-Drawing to capture the moments and emotion of the day, created in-person while the wedding takes place - turning your special day into a true work of art.

Wedding Art 
Live sketch Artist

"... Surprise your guests with a portraiture experience."

The Portraiture Experience

A treat for your guests.

Show your guests how special they are with a 5 to 7-minute sketch portrait experience. Although they might be nervous at first, your guests will leave delighted, taking home a one-off, stylish souvenir in ink on paper. “How strange it feels, it´s the first time I´ve ever had my portrait done.

All drawings are presented in a protective gift envelope and handed out to the guest on the night.



A5 or A4 Paper Size

21 x 14 cm

Up to 20 portraits



£ 450 + travel expenses

Approx. 4 hours 

(7 portraits per hour)




-Commemorative paper exclusively designed for your event.

-Over 20 portraits created in 4hr session.

A5 or A4 Bristol or cardboard paper.

-Protective envelope.

"... turn your special day into a true work of art."

Collage Triptych Drawing.


Dagugli will create a single artwork that captures the emotion and atmosphere of your event, including key people and moments in a collage drawing. A unique experience to surprise loved ones, or even as a cheeky memento of a hen party or stag do.

The Story-Drawings

Note: You keep all the original artwork created during the day but the copyright remains the property of the artist. A Licensing agreement can be arranged

Email for quote and availability for your event.

The minimun hire 3 hours / Maximum  8 hrs. Available for bookings in the UK and worldwide. Prices start from £350.


Paper Size

21 X 62 cm. aprox


£ 850  + Travel Expenses


Throughout the whole celebration




-Hand made 3 pages accordion sketchbook

-Unique front + back cover design.

-Hand calligraphy Headings

(with the name of the couple, date and venue).

-The protagonist of our story is previously painted at the center of the open triptych.

-The rest of the image will be created during the event to capture the moment as is unfolded.

Commissions A perfect gift for weddings.

wedding gift ideas
Wedding Present Web.jpg

Hand-drawn illustration of your wedding venue personalised with a message.



Personalised Wedding Venue Portrait


Bride and groom portrait personalised with a message





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