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The Drop-in Artist Home Visits Gallery

The Art Project

Dagugli's true calling is her 'Drawing at Home' (Dibujo a Domicilio) art project. Since founding the project in Madrid in 2011, she has completed hundreds of home visits as part of her contemporary contribution to the art of portraiture. For each visit, a host invites the artist to their home and poses for their portrait, just as royals used to do in the Middle Ages.


Dagugli's innovative non-profit art project has won wide acclaim, and she has been recognised by Fusionarte and Casa de América as one of the 100 most influential Latinos.


Dagugli has now brought this art experience to the UK.

Home Visits Live portraiture at your home!

Be part of the history of portraiture!.

As a host posing for your portrait, you will for a few hours join the world of artists, making your own contribution to the rich history of portraiture.


A visit includes up to 5 sketches drawn from different perspectives, showing different poses or even outfits. Each sketch takes about 15 minutes.


See the Home Visits gallery (above) for examples.

Become a model!
A portraiture experience in the comfort of your
own home!

Home Visits: The Art experience

How does it work?


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Home visit info

Portraits at your place.

If you live in London or near Berkshire, Just drop Dagugli an email with your invitation. That's all! The visit will be arranged as you do with a friend!

Available at any time on Fridays, Saturday and Sundays.

As non-profit project, costs have been calculated to cover material and travel expenses. Half of all money received will be donated to charity.


Includes a high-resolution (300 dpi)  scanned edition of the whole series.

You will receive it within one week of the session

Session £ 75




A4 Paper Size

21 x 29 cm

Session £ 50

(Include your choice of 1 sketch.)

£ 120 / 3 Drawings

£ 190 / Complete Series 




A3 Paper Size

29 X 42 cm


Session £ 70

(Include your choice of 1 sketch.)

£ 190 /  3 Drawings

£ 280 / Complete Series 



Be prepared!
The Art Experience


Wherever you feel comfortable. Usually, this is your home!



You, your family and your friends can have this unique experience.

You can also give this experience as a surprise gift.



3 to 5 poses lasting approx. 15 minutes each. 

Up to 4 models in each sketch portrait.



Ink or Pencil on A3 or A4 paper.

Hint of  Watercolour.

Digital copy of the complete Serie.



Included in the session price is one original sketch (your choice) and a low-resolution digital copy of the complete series. A high-resolution digital copy of the whole series is £75 on top of the A4/A3 series prices.


See price list for further sketches.





The sketches might change after a session. Daniela continues to work on the drawings, adding color and refining the artistic impression. There will be a digital copy of the first version, but the final artwork, which will become part of the artist’s collection,  will be different. After a session, all the drawings are available to buy (£170 for A3 size)

 Low resolution scanned edition is included within the session prize.

Price upon application for session/events outside of London and Berkshire





​To keep this project true to its origins, Daniela will do a free home visit. This allows her to build up her portrait collection for a future exhibition, and to continue sharing the portraiture experience.

To arrange a free session, email Daniela using the subject line ‘BE MY GUEST FOR A HOME VISIT’.

Available Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.



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