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Dagugli’s success as The Drop-In Artist has led her to explore other themes. She has done a series of "Boudoir Drawings" were people shown their most creative and erotic side in the privacy of their homes. These drawings have been used by Spain’s daily newspaper El País to illustrate their sexuality blog, ‘Eros’. Dagugli sometimes assumes the name ‘La Earnest Satín’ for these sessions.

Boudoir Drawings


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What are Boudoir Drawings?

Express yourself in a playful, artistic, sensual way with a boudoir session, inspired by the growing trend of boudoir photography.


If boudoir photography feels too revealing, then boudoir drawings may be the perfect choice. Through the eyes of the artist, your beauty is transformed into an artwork that you’ll want to display with pride. For those who are uncomfortable posing fully naked, Dagugli can even use artistic licence to fully reveal your body’s beauty.


With photography, you are a model. With drawing, you are a muse. A more enduring, complex and intimate experience.


A unique experience.

"Does the muse influence the artist, or does the artist define the muse?""

"The artist both observes and is observed. Between the pose of the model and the gaze of the artist, there is a duality, an intimacy, that only art can express. By capturing the echo of that unique moment, the drawing invites others to be part of that intimacy."

Interview with Daniela Guglielmetti published in ‘Eros’, El País. Originally published (in Spanish) here:

Are you ready to be a  MUSE?

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If you are a blogger, an influencer or an art lover - and you think your looks, presence or spirit could inspire an artist’s career - then email Dagugli (email link) to enquire about a free boudoir drawing session.

You will receive a low-resolution digital copy (ideal for websites or up to A4) of the complete series of drawings, and can purchase the high-resolution series (printable up to A1) for £75. You can also buy any original drawing after the session.

The artist will continue to work on the drawings after the session, adding color and artistic impression.

During the session

The visit includes one drawing of your choice

Prepaid £70


You will receive all the drawings digitally (low resolution),  but at the end of the session you can also contemplate all the drawings and choose to purchase additional drawings for £90 each (A3 size).

£90 A3 Size

After Session

The image that you saw during the session will remain as a digital copy only, as Daniela will continue to refine the artwork before it is completed. Daniela will share this first version with you in very low res, suitable for printing at postcard size. 

£170 (A3 Size)

Check price options on Home Visit page

Anyone can buy any of the images.


Anyone. Everyone. The boudoir experience can capture an important moment in your life and leave you feeling empowered. You can also share this experience with a friend or partner.


Before you pose, choose an item or outfit that says something about you. Then relax and reflect while the artist sketches you (10 to 15 minutes per sketch). As you see each drawing during the session, you will gain more confidence. The session will last a few hours.


Anywhere you feel comfortable, whether that’s in a 5-star hotel room or in a country house surrounded by your own special belongs (or even your fetishes).


Clothes that make you feel unique and accessories that give you security.


As well as a strong sense of empowerment, the experience results in a series of stunning drawings that you can give to a lover, share with friends or just enjoy them yourself.

Anyone can buy any of the images.

Note: You keep the original artwork that you buy during or after the session, but the copyright remains the property of the artist. A licensing agreement can be arranged

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