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Home Visit Service

The Drop-in Artist. 

The core of "The Drop-in Artist" art project is home visits. The activity has been an amazing journey in which there has been lots of fun, anecdotes and hundreds of home visits done. Thanks to lots of friends and people that have already had the experience of being portraited this initiative reactivated in Madrid the natural figure drawing as used in the late middle ages when painters went to palaces to draw members of the royal families but with a fresh and modern point of view. How can this be done now in the UK? inviting her to your home and posing for her. As a host, you will gain a rich experience joining for about 3 hours the world of the artists!! 

Daniela wants to develop this artistic adventure in the UK. Let´s be part of the portrait history!.

Let me

be your guest!



Promotional offer 

The digital version of the whole series in low resolution is included within the session prize.

High resolution of whole series is £ 75 on top of A4 SERIES, A3 SERIES Price.

You choose the drawing  you like the most.


Price upon application for session and events outside of Berkshire.



The art experience

Portraits at your place.

If you live in London or somewhere near Berkshire, Just drop her an email to with your invitation and that's all. The visit will be arranged as you do with a friend!

Non-Profit Project.

 The cost was calculated to cover material and travel expenses and 50% will go to a charity fund.




Each Session lasts approx. 2 hrs. The artist will produce 3 to 5 portrait sketches during the visit.

You can have up to 4 "models" in each sketch.

The client can then select one of the sketches, which is included in the cost of the session. See price list for further sketches.

Become a model!
A portraiture experience in the comfort of your
own home!

A4 Paper Size

21 x 29 cm

Session £ 50

(Include your choice of 1 sketch.)

£ 120 / 3 Drawings

£ 170 / Complete Series 



& Digital


The visit will include the Scanning and edition of the whole series on high resolution 300 dpi on actual size.

You will receive it within one week from the session.

Session £ 70




A3 Paper Size

29 X 42 cm


Session £ 70

(Include your choice of 1 sketch.)

£ 150 /  3 Drawings

£ 200 / Complete Series 



Be prepared: The Art Experience


The activity takes place wherever you feel comfortable. Usually this is your home!.



You, your family and your friends can have this unique experience.

You can also give this experience as a surprise gift.



3 to 5 poses lasting approx. 15 minutes each. 

Up to 4 models in each sketch portrait!



Ink or Pencil on A3 or A4 paper.

Hint of  Watercolour.

Digital copy of the complete Serie. 







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Promotional offer  LET ME BE YOUR GUEST FREE

The drop-in artist

My charity

  • Invite me to your Party as a guest.

  • share the experiences and photos on social media.

  •  Let me bring my collecting bucket.

The money raised will be for FUNDASTOHR.

A nongovernmental charity that raises money to encourage the drawing practice and preserving the art and memory of Carlos Stohr in Margarita Island, Venezuela. By organizing concurs and exhibition the association help artist to keep moral in tough times. The prices are basic art supply that cant be found anywhere in the Island artist to keep the tradition of drawing on plain air as urban sketcher by creating events which prices are basic art supply 


Live Event Artist

Your Charity

Promote the presence of the drop in artist pre- event, during the event and after the event took place.

share the experiences and photos on social media.

Permission to  share the pictures

and the drop in artes will draw and hold the bucket as a extra income!

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