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The Drop-in Artist


Daniela initially founded and directed the "Dibujo a Domicilio" Project in Madrid in 2011 but has now brought this art experience to the UK. This innovative Art Project, which she created as a contemporary contribution to portraiture practice, has won wide acclaim and was award. Daniela was also recognised as one of the 100 most influential Latinos by Fusionarte and Casa de América. Vodafone show this art project as a success entrepreneur story. A "host" invites the artist(s) to their home and poses, acting as a modern day equivalent to when painters in the Middle Ages went to palace to draw members of the royal families. 

Portrait sketches are done in about 15 minutes. Every visit includes up to 5 sketches drawn from different perspectives or different poses. At the end of each session, you can see yourself through the eyes of an artist in a series of portraits done during the visit.

The Art Project: Live Portraiture at your home!
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