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Drinking beer at the park.

Not just any beer (Birra) and not at any park! Birra Moretti (of the Heineken in UK group) invited me to be part of the entertainment staff for a private after hour party on a Monday- July 8th- for Heineken employees in his Piazza Birra Moretti. A POP-UP venue built in HydePark, London to be there during the famous two-week British Summer Time festival.

This was the invitation on

"Welcome to Piazza BIRRA MORETTI - the best Italian piazza in the whole of Hyde Park! Here you can have dinner with your friends on a balcony with a delicious bottle of BIRRA MORETTI. At Piazza BIRRA MORETTI, we are all about bringing people together around tables - all kinds of tables! Play the biggest game of table football with your friends, cheered on by our excitable commentator. Don’t forget to bring some memories home! Snap a picture with our authentic Italian landscapes. Come visit again soon - arrivederci!"

I was assigned an assistant and I did 20 portraits during the night. I couldn't take any picture! But I find one that was shared on instagram by a beautiful model who turned out to be the singer.

Custom paper with the brand logo was used for the event.

client posing SInger

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