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Candlelight Club, Halloween Party Ball

What if we could go back in time and enjoy a party in the Roaring Twenties,?! Candlelight club in London organizes these parties with live bands and burlesque follies entertainment. On this occasion and for his Halloween Ball they incorporated among his entertainers a glitter artist, a jewelry maker and me The drop-in artist to do portraits.

check this snapshot on his Instagram:

Due Halloween I wanted to do something different and to be immersed in time and halloween I did a face-painting tattoo girl illustration on me. To incorporate a bit of drama I emphasizing the eyebrows in a melancholic expression.

In addition, I had a scary skeleton gentleman as an assistant.

It was a great night, full of glamour, cheer, and good music. It was like being inside a black & white movie but in colour and obviously, with sound.

I could even see Chaplin hanging around!.

unfortunately, I could not portray him!

This is the jolly tintroduction from the Candlelight club instagram accoun abput my participation at the halloween Ball

! "Dagugli the Drop-in Artist will be waiting to capture you in your ghoulish finery (better keep that portrait in the attic as you may find yourself staying mysteriously youthful…)" @party


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