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Unforgettable Summertime.

Summers are remembered by their song hits. Music makes us evoke our stories and want us to play them a thousand times to revive those memories, but we cannot play a song 24/7! instead, we can have done a "collage portrait" to revive our memories with just a glance. This story-drawing doing in my collage portraits gathers portrait of the most significant ones with objects, symbols or landmarks that are meaningful in a beautiful composition that will trigger memories to all those experienced those moments.

In this opportunity, I was contacted by a talented (Concept designer) colleague from an Experiential marketing experience agency. She who wanted to surprise her parents with this unique artwork from their unforgettable Holliday in Orlando this past summer to be the image for their summer hit that I am sure they have!.


Daniela is a fantastic illustrator, her illustrations are absolutely stunning, unique and she always goes above and beyond the brief no matter how big or small it is. She has a unique ability to listen to what you want but always delivers something so much bigger and better than what you could have imagined and her creative advice and recommendations are invaluable. Her work leaves me speechless every time and I have confidence that whenever she’s working on a brief with me the client will be extremely impressed. Daniela is super talented and I have a queue of friends and family wanting to commission her alongside the many others who are also queuing which speaks volumes alone! -


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