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Interview at RTVE blog (Spanish Radio & TV blog)

RTVE Interview about Eleves and Drawing at Homes.

An interview written by Jesús Jiménez about my two main art projects, Dibujo a Domicilo ( the Drop-in artist in UK) and my first illustrated children book: Duendes Caseros by María Gabriela Lovera. Published by Edaf, Madrid 2016. for the blog dedicated to comics, art and culture "viñetas y bocadillos"

Titles in English: Find out about The Gnomes that lives at your place, with Daniela

Daniela Guglielmetti Talks about Duendes Caseros.


Web RTVE main page A copy of the interview also available at my blog.

The interview is only available in Spanish. I will translate as soon as can.

​Screenshot of RTVE Blog.

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