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Drop-in at a Cosplayer meet-up, London

Cosplayer are a community group that enjoys dressing-up as their favourite character and also creating their own costumes. Most of the time they are proud of sharing their DIY. Cosplayer based in London attend several cosplayers events during the year and even organise their own meet-ups!! I assisted to one of them, the meet-up picnic. I had the pleasure to meet them and to draw them with their costume.

Some comments about the drawings:

Sean: Can't believe how good this is.

Rebecca: Fantastic! I'd definitely frame that one. 😊

About Lilli´s draw: Fabulous! Especially with the gryfendor backdrop and wand!

Alex tagging himself in his rabbit photo with the drawing:

Me and my beautiful portrait, courtesy of the lovely Daniela Guglielmetti!‪#‎thedropinartist‬ The Drop-in Artist

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