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04 Drop-in London

Why is it that the drop-in experience is better to be done at home? Simply. Is because in public spaces there are many distractions.

That´s what happened with Charo´s visit. She is a friend of mine that recently move to London from Venezuela. She has no home yet. That´s why we have to find a place somewhere else. We find a nice pub by following some soldiers from the first World War. Yes it is true! They were marching near the BBC tower in silent, when they stop they handle to the public a business card with this information: Rifleman Alexander William Frost, 9th Battalion, London Regimen. Died at Somme on 1st July 1916. #wearehere.

So this Alexander without knowing lead us to the bar where we did our drawing session. But we only could do two poses before the noise and the lack of light and pint of beer make us change our plans. We enjoy it so much that we agreed to do a second meeting in Spain where she is going to go after things suddenly changes her plans.

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