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Book presentation and signing: Duendes Caseros Illustrated by Dagugli (me).

Travel to Spain to do a small book presentation and a signing for the book Duendes Caseros published by Edaf. The book was launch originally in March 16 but I could n´t go until January 2017. Happy to present and sign this amazing book in a very peculiar place Corazón de Agave ( Agave´s Heart A nice place to enjoy a good and wide variety of mezcal and agave beverages that might help you to see some Duendes ( Elves or Sprites)

BOOK SYNOPSIS:The writer María Gabriela Lovera Montero and the artist Daniela Guglielmetti have reunited to create an illustrated children's book full of fantasy and humor: HOMELY SPRITE! For readers aged 7 to 100, the book includes the detailed descriptions of 21 household sprites. Each one of them having an especific entry in which the author describes their dwelling place, their most curious traits of character, some of their funniest rhymes and favorite songs... Sprites are not easyly spotted, they tend to camouflage themselves with everyday objects: toasters, plugs, lamps, curtains, rugs... Though harmless, they can be sometimes naughty, and very much inclined to play pranks and jokes on humans, especially on adults. SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH BOOKTRAILER for Crowdfunding campaign of 2015

You can find the book at

Some picture from the oficial Publisher presentation earlier in 2016:

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