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Sandhurst Commissioning Ball, 2018

It was a great honour that on Friday 10th August I was invited to The Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst to

draw portraits of the newly commissioned officers at their Commissioning Ball. The Academy is where all officers in the British Army are trained and their motto of ‘Serve to Lead’ is something that they now live by in their new regiments. Over a 3 hour period I was proud to be able to draw 15 Officers, both male and female, and to be able to see their wonderful characters and to portray it in their portraits. Congratulations to all those who were commissioned on the day and for completing one of the hardest courses in the British Army.


"Daniela was invited to the Commissioning Ball at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst to draw the newly commissioned officers who had just completed their 1 year course. The course they had completed tested them in every way possible and a number of their colleagues did not succeed in making the grade. So the Ball was a celebration of them passing the course and becoming officers and the future of the British Army.

It was therefore really important for Daniela to capture the ‘spirit of the moment’ in their portraits and I am delighted she exceeded my expectations.

They were all delighted with their portraits and immediately were showing them to their guests. Daniela blended in to what was a completely new environment to her and it was obvious that her subjects enjoyed chatting to her while she completed the portrait. We will be inviting her back!"

Richard Anderson, Member of Sandhurst Trust. org

Click the photo to see some more pictures!

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